Clientless VPN Access Bookmark not working at ASA 5500 series

March 28, 2012 – 17:32

ASA ISDM MenuToday i got report that one of the Bookmark at Clientless VPN Access is disabled.

One question come across my mind … how can the Bookmark link is being disabled, meanwhile there’s no changes at ASA Box nor configuration.

After i check the configuration via ISDM for ASA, i realized that it’s disabled because, somehow the ASA can’t reach the domain in the Bookmarks list. So i decide to connect to CLI via ssh, and here it’s … ASA can’t ping the domain, but it can ping the IP Address of that domain …. ahaaa here it’s the root cause i think.

So i contact my friend at IT Department who responsible for administering the server, and i’m asking whether the server can be reached via IP address, or just the domain, and he states that the server only can be reach via domain. Another clue.

I suggest that he checks the Firewall setting in the server, iptables or something else. But nothing related to the problem. After few hours i got confirmation that the problem is in their DNS record that somehow disappearing the A record for that domain.

Voila … it solved then …. yeayyyy …

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