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Game tips: Battle Nations

March 17, 2012 – 21:27


Have you play Battle Nations from Z2Live ?

If you play this game, i have tips, that i just discovered now.

This one will make Experience, and Gold you earn from Goods Production is way more than average.

Here now the tips : in Goods producer source, if you want to make something, there’s option to make what good, and there’s also how much Gold & Experience you get after completed.
Just make sure you choose the one with BLUE arrow (normally green), that’s it has more Gold & Experience once completed.

For make it more clearer, just take a look at the picture below, this one i took from Distillery :

Distillery blue arrow

This arrow is not always there, just scroll down to see all other options, maybe there’s one of ’em has BLUE arrow, or else there’s none.

If there’s none, just choose whichever you like to produce, regarding the time and gold & experience you expected to be get.


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