Kinect SDK 1.5 for Windows will be available in end of May 2012

March 30, 2012 – 16:15

After released the v1.0 back in February 2012, now Microsoft announce that they will release SDK v1.5 in end of May. This SDK will have new features including Kinect Studio. Developers will be able to record, playback, and debug the applications, they develop.

And also additian of another features like 10-joint skeletal system that can track user even they in sitting position. Oh and also four new languages pack for speech recognition.

Microsoft targeted not only for gamer, but also in Health, Automotive, Telco, Banking and more.

I’m myself waiting for the games that released with the power of Kinect controller for PC/Mac ofcourse.

And what dou you expect from this Kinect thing ?

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