Twitter for Blackberry update version 3.0

April 3, 2012 – 09:11

Hey Blackberry fans, this news is good for you.

But first of all, you must run BlackBerry OS v5.0 and up to qualify this update. Folks with OS below that, sorry you just have Twitter version 2.0 at your device right now.

The main features of this update are :

  • Upload picture directly from Camera app to
  • Sharing link is easier from Browser
  • Built-in link-shortening function
  • Linking with your BBM

So what do you waiting for … grab your update today :)

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  2. I totally agree Dave.The touch sceren interface is a dual edge sword though. While it’s easy to replicate, it also creates a bunch of competition(like the Palm Pre). But the real competitors will be the ones that think outside the box, and not just re-create the same UI(as you mentioned with Microsoft).

    By Dattatray on Dec 21, 2015

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