GadgeTalk screenshot

GadgeTalk screenshot

This is what you need if you want stay update with gadget news in 2012!

Top words ranked by GadgeTalk system, taken from Engadget RSS feed since January 1st, 2012 until latest feed, now.

Display top words according to GadgeTalk, and can be clicked to view linked feeds, and can viewed in detail directly in GadgeTalk.


How to use the application :

  1. Install the application from Android Market
  2. After finish, open the GadgeTalk, and screen like the one in picture will be displayed
  3. Scroll through to get view of the rank, the top (right) is the #1 rank, and below (left) is #2 and so on
  4. Click at one of the word to display feeds that correspondent to it
  5. Click at feeds that you want to see the detail information
  6. voila … you can read the detail information right in GadgeTalk app window