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IPCalc Screenshoot

IPCalc Screenshoot

System requirement :
- Android OS Version 1.5 and later.

How to install :
- Go to Market application (GMS needed)
- Search for IPCalc
- Choose the one by MHd
- Install it at your handheld

How to use :

- Input the IP address in the IP Address fields.

- You can use dot, or completly input 3 digits of IP Address to move between fields.
- If the last segment of IP Address is entered with 3 digits, it will automatically move to CIDR option, and you can fill the field there
- Off courseĀ  you can select subnet too for subnet calculation

- In the subnet fields, you can use like the way in the IP Address fields
- And if all has been filed, then hit Calculate to doing the calculation
- Click at the Clear button to clear all result, and re-set to initial state like.

ChangeLog :

- Fixing display issue in changed handset orientation.

- Fixing subnet calculation error

- Fixing input met

hod that cause ForceClose

- Initial release