5 Tips To Keep Your Information Secure

April 1, 2012 – 10:36

securing informationWe are currently living in a digital linked world. Everywhere you go, you will most likely have accessibility a laptop computer or computer, or maybe smartphone with an Online accessibility. Your laptop computer or computer, and even a smartphone is used for various things from finishing a school task to financial. It is therefore, extremely crucial to keep all your data files secured to be able not be have your individual details affected. Here are 5 guidelines on how you can keep your individual details and data files secured.
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How to securing your wireless router TP-Link MR3420

March 31, 2012 – 00:08

Who don’t want to be secure ?

I think everyone need securing their assets. The more meaning something to somebody, the better somebody protect/securing that something. Ehehehe sounds classy isn’t it ? … yeahh but i think in nowadays internet era, you should make sure everything is secure.

OK. Back to idea how to securing your wireless router TP-Link MR3420.

In radio world, or let say wireless era, nobody seems care enough how the data being transmitted and or receive. In my opinion it’s crucial for everyone need to know how data being transmitted via wireless.
Without security, the data you transmit to the router can be read by everyone in the wireless distribution range. Off course with specific effort they can read everything you send and or receive via wireless.
Scare enough ? if you feel not, than you can ignore what i write below, because i write for everyone who scare the data they send/receive is being read by someone else without permission.

With security set in place, it will reduce the possibility your data is being intercepted during send/receive between  your device and your wireless router.

How To
Oke first of all, you need to change the default root/admin password for that router. Why ? because everybody know what the default password is, and can access your router to modify what they like to modify.
If you already done that, good for you :)

MR3420 wireless menu Next step is setting wireless security. Look at the image in the left. Click Wireless menu, and then choose Wireless Security.
In the middle panel, choose option WPA/WPA2 – Personal(Recommended) . And select WPA2-PSK for Version, AES as Encryption. PSK Password set to whatever you like. This Password will be asked when you are trying to connect to the router wireless. And then click Save.
With this already done, you have secure data transmit between your device and wireless router.

To add more robust security, you can add one more security layer to the wireless router. What is that ? It is Wireless MAC Filtering .
What for ? For filtering who can connect to the wireless router.
How to do that ? Refer to picture above, just click at the  Wireless MAC Filtering.
And then do this steps :
Enable Wireless MAC Filtering, if it’s still Disabled
In Filtering Rules, choose Allow, and then you can Add New entry (your WiFi physical address (MAC Address) for allowing your specific wireless client that can connect to the network.

Kinect SDK 1.5 for Windows will be available in end of May 2012

March 30, 2012 – 16:15

After released the v1.0 back in February 2012, now Microsoft announce that they will release SDK v1.5 in end of May. This SDK will have new features including Kinect Studio. Developers will be able to record, playback, and debug the applications, they develop.

And also additian of another features like 10-joint skeletal system that can track user even they in sitting position. Oh and also four new languages pack for speech recognition.

Microsoft targeted not only for gamer, but also in Health, Automotive, Telco, Banking and more.

I’m myself waiting for the games that released with the power of Kinect controller for PC/Mac ofcourse.

And what dou you expect from this Kinect thing ?

Clientless VPN Access Bookmark not working at ASA 5500 series

March 28, 2012 – 17:32

ASA ISDM MenuToday i got report that one of the Bookmark at Clientless VPN Access is disabled.

One question come across my mind … how can the Bookmark link is being disabled, meanwhile there’s no changes at ASA Box nor configuration.

After i check the configuration via ISDM for ASA, i realized that it’s disabled because, somehow the ASA can’t reach the domain in the Bookmarks list. So i decide to connect to CLI via ssh, and here it’s … ASA can’t ping the domain, but it can ping the IP Address of that domain …. ahaaa here it’s the root cause i think. Read the rest of this entry »

Instalery patch (v2.1) is out today …

March 24, 2012 – 15:08

Just realized that the downloaded image not appear in Gallery immediately.

So i decide to correct this problem soon, and here it’s … update v2.1 is out to Google Play.

You can click this link if want to download or update your current application.

Again, hope you enjoy the application ;)