Smoothing Google Visualization Line Chart

March 30, 2013 – 04:13

Line Chart Google Visualization

Ever wondering why your chart is having sharp edge ? I found my self in that position.

The solution is quite easy, just change¬†curveType value from line to function …. and voilaaa … it’s just like magic.

Penggantian paspor habis masa berlaku di Kanim Kelas I Khusus Jakarta Selatan

March 5, 2013 – 16:26

Sekedar share pengalaman saya melakukan penggantian paspor habis masa berlaku, dan saya pilih untuk melakukan di Kanim I Khusus Jakarta Selatan.

Untuk metoda pendaftaran saya menggunakan layanan online dari, jadi proses ini memotong 2 hari input data jika menggunakan permohonan manual. Dan juga saat ini tersedia metode DropBox, tapi entah bagaimana mekanismenya, saya sendiri kurang paham.

Kenapa harus online ? berikut perbedaannya :

  • Online : isi data di web (detail caranya akan saya terangkan kemudian), pilih kapan kita datang ke kanim, minimal besoknya.
  • Offline : copy semua kebutuhan data rangkap 2, serahkan di loket penerimaan, lalu kembali lagi 2 hari kerja mendatang
  • Online : datang ke kanim pada tanggal yang ditentukan untuk verifikasi data, foto, dan wawancara, lalu ambil paspor 4 hari lagi
  • Offline : setelah 2 hari dari step diatas datang kembali ke kanim untuk foto dan wawancara,¬† lalu ambil paspor 4 hari lagi.
  • Online & Offline : setelah 4 hari dari step diatas, saatnya untuk pengambilan paspor.

Terlihat dari data diatas untuk online hanya butuh 2x datang, sedangkan metode offline perlu 3x datang.

Oke selanjutnya bagaimana cara melakukan penggantian paspor habis masa berlaku dengan cara online ? Dan sebetulnya cara ini mirip dengan bikin paspor baru, hanya beda sedikit perbedaan pada waktu wawancara.


Pembuatan Pra Permohonan di Web

Silakan langsung ke web, lalu pilih menu seperti gambar dibawah ini :

Selanjutnya akan muncul menu seperti di bawah ini, dan pilih menu seperti yang saya lingkari :

Lalu selanjutnya tinggal isi data yang sesuai dengan data, ketika klik Lanjut, akan muncul page untuk upload dokumen yang diperlukan.

Setelah itu jika kita klik Lanjut lagi akan muncul pilihan Kanim, dan jika kita telah tentukan pilihan, ada tombok Cek Tanggal di bawahnya. Ketika kita klik tombol tersebut, maka sistem akan melakukan pengecekan, dan memunculkan pilihan tanggal yang avaialabel. Pilih tanggal yang sesuai dengan jadwal Anda (tanggal ini menentukan kapan Anda harus datang ke Kanim), lalu klik Lanjut.

Jika semua OK akan muncul halaman konfirmasi, dan step yang tidak boleh terlewat disini adalah cetak bukti pra permohonan online Anda karena tidak tersedia lagi melainkan dari tampilan ini.


Datang ke Kanim (Kanim Kelas I Khusus Jakarta Selatan untuk pengalaman saya)

Oke di tanggal sesuai yang Anda pilih diatas, datanglah ke kantor kanim pilihan Anda, dengan membawa copy dokumen-dokumen masing-masing 1 lembar, serta dokumen aslinya, karena akan dilakukan verifikasi oleh petugas.

Ooh iya serta jangan lupa membawa ballpoint warna hitam, karena dibutuhkan untuk pengisian data, serta berpakaian kemeja, dengan sepatu tertutup. Usahakan juga tidak berpakaian putih, karena background foto warna putih.

Saya sarankan datang sepagi mungkin agar lebih cepat selesai.

Ketika datang di kantor Kanim, langsung naik ke lantai 2, lalu antri di depan mesin tiket antrian, akan ditanya oleh petugas keperluannya apa, sampaikan daftar online, mau setor dokumen. Anda akan diminta menunjukkan bukti yang di print diatas tadi. Di Kanim Kelas I Khusus Jakarta Selatan, nomor antrian yang berlaku adalah :

  • Seri A : Untuk verifikasi data pendaftaran online
  • Seri B : Untuk penyerahan data pendaftaran manual (offline)
  • Seri C : Untuk pembayaran pendaftaran online, serta foto dan wawancara (nomor antrian 2 lembar)
  • Seti D : Untuk pembayaran lainnya.

Untuk daftar online, Anda akan mendapatkan nomor antrian seri A (misal A015), lalu jika belum membeli map kuning resmi dari koprasi, beli map tersebut Rp. 5000 di koprasi, ada di lantai 2 juga pojok dekat loket.

Masukkan semua dokumen yang asli + copy di map tersebut, anda tidak perlu mengisi kertas permohonan lagi, karena sudah anda isi secara online.

Setelah selesai verifikasi, biasanya akan ditanya mau foto sekarang apa tidak ? Jika jawab sekarang anda langsung diarahkan menuju ke kasir, ambir nomor antrian kasir, lalu tunggu antrian. Mohon dicatat nomor antrian kasir ini ada 2 lembar, 1 untuk kasir sendiri, 1 lembar lagi untuk antrian foto & wawancara. Ya keduanya memakai nomor antrian yang sama :)

Setelah proses bayar di kasir selesai, lalu menuju ke antrian foto & wawancara, setelah dipanggil, foto, lalu wawancara.

Setelah selesai akan diberitahu untuk mengambil paspor 3 hari (kerja) lagi, jangan lupa simpan bukti bayar di kasir sebelumnya, karena untuk pengambilan butuh bukti pembayaran tersebut.

Pada waktu pengambilan, akan diminta untuk fotocopy paspor baru, lalu dikembalikan ke petugas.

Gardening – The Mulberry

July 18, 2012 – 08:07

The mulberry tree goes towards the Morus genus that includes about 12 species found over Mediterranean and north temperate regions with two being indigenous to The United States. The generally cultivated black mulberry originates from an old line that has now been introduced into many nations around the globe. It’s thought to will be in cultivation for more than 5000 years. It’s variable leaf forms.

It creates a scrumptious fruit that is plentiful in summer time which ripens over a length lengthy enough to savor the harvest for many days because the eco-friendly berries mature to red-colored or black. It’s a infamously difficult fruit to reap, much like all of the soft berry fruits, so there’s ample scope to have an enterprising soul to think about a means of developing an simpler and efficient harvest and offering a brand new commercial crop.

Home based gardens mulberry picking is loved by children who can handle exploring to find to savor the sweet rewards in addition to picking a sum for common consumption. However, they must be tutored to make use of the eco-friendly, inedible fruit to rub away the persistent stains in the ripe fruit.

The Whitened Mulberry, Morus alba is called Sang Ye in China where it came from. It had been introduced into Europe about 1434 in the Levant where it had been cultivated mainly with regards to supplying food for silkworms. It had been introduced and it is now naturalised within the U.S. supplying an essential food for wildlife. In Australian gardens it’s welcome like a tasty home fruit, sweet and marketable also. The leaves when given to silkworms create a light yellow silk.

The tender youthful foliage is edible in small amounts when fresh or could be cooked as green spinach. The foliage is used medicinally to treat fever and externally for ringworm. The main skin supplies a medicine for bronchitis. The fruits which change from pink to deep red-colored/black are scrumptious to consume as well as in China it’s regularly suggested to alleviate insomnia, flu, high bloodstream pressure, vertigo along with other complaints. Fruit consists of vitamins a B2, B2 and C.

Texas Mulberry or Morus microphylla develops like a small tree within the canyons of Texas, Boise State Broncos and Arizona where back in the day cultivated by Indians from the area which is still considered a meal source.

Whitened Mulberry is really a native of France Morus multicaulis

Black Mulberry, British Mulberry Morus nigra came from in Iran and known in antiquity if this was apparently much praised for large, sweet juicy fruit. This is actually the species liked by customers large succulent fruits are scrumptious and more gratifying, more flavoursome compared to whitened mulberry. The unripe fruit when crushed, removes the stains in the ripe and frequently untidy fruit. The leaves create a lovely golden silk thread when given to silkworms.

Red-colored Mulberry, Morus rubra is really a native of Nth America found from Vermont to Sth Dakota and south to Florida. Carefully toothed foliage is covered with soft lower in fall. Red-colored fruits are of inferior quality.

The Black Mulberry Morus nigra is frequently referred to as British Mulberry for an additional reason. In England James I attempted introducing a brand new silk industry into England. He released a Royal edict suggesting the cultivation of silkworms and advocating the Shires to purchase and distribute 10,000 mulberry plants of Morus nigra to any or all who’d sow them, simply to be advised it had become the incorrect types of mulberry and also the enterprise was abandoned. That’s why you will find many ancient Black Mulberry trees still existing in England and incredibly couple of old Whitened ones. Sadly, it had been later learned that both types of mulberry were utilized in the orient for silk.

Shakespeare’s mentions a mulberry – a Black Mulberry – which it wasn’t appropriate for showing silkworms, so reflecting the overall disappointment from the occasions.

There’s one making it through Mulberry tree within the private grounds of Buckingham Structure even today. Situation bearing but by no means amazing in dimensions or spread.

Mulberry leaf is definitely an old cottage fix for ringworm. An essential reason for the fruit is really as a food supplement within the diet of heart patients, with a few amazing advantageous results.

For individuals who would like to introduce the Australian home hobby for kids by continuing to keep a couple of silkworms it may provide a fascinating and fascinating experience for infants and parents. Regrettably there’s little ultimate pleasure available in the silk created, but it’s certainly a workout in character studies!

It might be best to be certain of sufficient way to obtain leaves by getting grown your personal trees within the yard, or at best check into a trusted and shut alternative source. The foliage is best when fresh but keep for some time within the fridge. It might be interesting for individuals not really acquainted with silkworm culture to understand when mulberry leaves unconditionally aren’t available, a brief diet of beetroot leaves will produce pink tinted silk and lettuce leaves will often give lemon coloured thread.

Michael Russell

Your Independent help guide to Gardening

Gardening – Equipment And Tools

July 17, 2012 – 02:22

Walk around a sizable garden center or DIY supermarket in spring and you’ll be faced with a large range of gardening equipment and tools. You may be excused for convinced that the amount of various kinds of gardening tools should have elevated recently – but you’d be wrong. Inside a textbook written a lot more than 300 years back there’s a listing of more than 100 tools for that keen garden enthusiast, and Victorian catalogues offered 100s of various types of hoes, forks, spades etc.

The fundamental armoury has rejected, however the average cost and complexity have greatly elevated. There’s also a lot of different brands of every item, so you’ve to select meticulously. A properly-known title around the handle is really a safeguard, but additionally, it may mean a greater cost. With tools you typically get that which you purchase (although not always), so it’s smart to prevent low-listed offers of unknown origin for tools that you want to use constantly. Stainless certainly looks attractive, but regular steel is a lot cheaper and it is quite acceptable if looked after correctly.

The first job would be to decide which kind of tool or tools you intend to purchase. Getting the best equipment for gardening can certainly make the job simpler. For that seniors and also the handicapped selecting sensibly is much more important, often it means the main difference between having the ability to perform a task or otherwise.

Now guess what happens to search for, you have to choose a appropriate example out of your supplier. Go ahead and be led through the maker’s title, the shopkeeper’s advice and also the manufacturer’s advertisement, however for many tools it is crucial that you should be sure that the item suits the consumer. With spades, forks, hoes, secateurs and so forth you have to observe that both weight and balance are appropriate. A spade that is ‘right’ for any strong youth could be quite wrong for any small seniors lady or gentleman.

For that keen garden enthusiast with money to spare the most challenging task would be to decide just the number of tools to purchase. Underneath is really a general fundamental list for any small garden, however the exact list which may meet your needs exactly is one thing that solve these questions . decide. However, anything around the fundamental list below which you don’t buy will unquestionably boost the chore of gardening.

What Individuals Should Purchase

Fundamental List:

Spade, Fork, Hoe, Rake, Trowel, Lawnmower, Watering can. Plus, Secateurs if roses and/or bushes are grown. Shears, if hedges are grown. Sprayer, if roses,veggies and/or fruit is grown. Garden hose, when the lawn is feature. Lawn lawn edger, furthermore the lawn. Garden line, if veggies are grown. Mitts, if prickly vegetation is grown. Wheelbarrow, if plants or manure need to be moved. Motor mower, when the lawn has ended 70 sq. yards.

What Individuals Do Buy

Spade, Fork, Rake, Trowel, Mower, Secateurs.

Hoe, Watering can, Shears, Garden hose, Fork, Mower.

Wheel barrow, Sprayer, Gardening mitts, Lawn lawn edger, Sprinkler.

Tools, Curler, Cloches, Lawn spreader, Lengthy-handled pruner.

An incredible duration of time is put in my garden, but like me growing older and situations are becoming harder to complete. I’ve made the decision to take advantage of the firm known as Garden enthusiast London. So far they’ve given me all of the information which i have requested. I still perform a little bit of pottering throughout my own garden.

Save our planet, Use Green Energy

July 16, 2012 – 21:07

The earth earth, now facing tremendous problems associated with hot temperature and weather changes, needs powers which are eco-friendly, cleaner and release no dangerous gases or items after use. Today Green Energy may be the new in-factor that are used to be cleaner and delivering no dangerous chemicals or gases. Any energy resource, that is renewable, clean, and acquired in the natural atmosphere, is regarded as incorporated within the Eco-friendly Powers. In the others typically the most popular ones required within this would be the solar power, wind energy, water energy as well as the energy saved underneath the earth’s surface by means of geothermal power energy.

The procedure these eco-friendly causes of energy require to harness all of them with the utmost possibility is not so complicated and isn’t something so advanced like brain surgery. Of all the others eco-friendly causes of energy the main one that’s getting used because of its ample scope and simple availability may be the Photo voltaic Light. Referred to because the light acquired in the universal source sun, this really is accustomed to energy individuals pv cells along with other products that be capable of convert sun’s energy to electricity. The electricity thus created is offer various constructive uses and also to energy houses as well as commercial places. But, the main one greatest benefit of using Photo voltaic Light being an electricity source is that’s saves the atmosphere by delivering no dangerous wastes or emission and therefore might help us increase the carbon foot prints in the world.

The earth earth may be the only planet within the world that is able to sustain existence types of a lot of types. Exactly what the earth and also the living creatures require would be the constant causes of energy to sustain existence here. Of all the sources the non-alternative energy assets are actually near getting depleted and therefore the requirement for some renewable and Eco-friendly Power source has emerged like a necessity. The green house gases which are usually released in great amounts after using non-alternative energy sources should be decreased whenever possible to assist our planet support existence forms. This is when the Eco-friendly Power source can enjoy an important role with the addition of just good stuff towards the atmosphere.

Creating energy with less carbon dioxide the main one perfect example of Green Energy may be the Photo voltaic Light. Used since a very long time, this area has seen an excellent evolution with lots of more recent technologies now getting put into help reap the utmost benefits. Also, when utilizing renewable and clean powers like Photo voltaic Light or wind energy it’s possible to defer individuals causes that cause climatic change and may thus preserve the world much longer of your time. Another greatest advantage these Eco-friendly Powers veil has been cleaner they’re a lot better than the power acquired from non-renewable fuels along with other that generate many dangerous by items.

So, stating that the Green Energy created from sources like sun, wind, water, plants yet others shows the power form for the future won’t be fueling but mentioning the truth.

The continual depletion from the renewable causes of energy have lead researcher and scientists now find more recent sources that aren’t just endless but additionally don’t release any dangerous items, referred to because the Green Energy assets typically the most popular used among they are solar power as warmth and Photo voltaic Light, wind energy, geothermal power energy yet others.