BlackBerry Playbook OS update version is out

April 24, 2012 – 15:31

Playbook software update version all Playbook owners who not notice that update is being rolled out.

Today i got notification that update is available … and right now i’m downloading the update file.

Don’t know yet, what features available in this new update version.

Yes it’s update looks like minor, but i want to try it anyway, just see what lost and what found.

Update : i noticed Zinio app in the default package … i don’t know what app is that.

Leave comments if you know the new features available in this update.

A5 chip in the newest Apple TV is 41% smaller than it’s older brother

April 22, 2012 – 00:00

The A5 chip in the newest Apple TV version is actually based on dual-core architecture, and also 41% smaller than previous same-code-name in the older hardware version. This is an important aspect to the new Apple TV, because significantly lowering the manufacturing cost to Apple.
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Update v4.6 for Roku 2 and LT boxes

April 19, 2012 – 11:59

Right now, the latest update is rolling out for Roku 2 and LT boxes owners. This update reportedly improve up-to 50 percents in system navigation performance.
Zatz Not Funny noticed when it is leaking out for the first time, this update version includes support for the Frenh language, that required by Canadian when Roku launch there this week, while in the Roku’s official blog notes tweaks and several other fixes that should make channels like BBC iPlayer and Netflix a more reliable experience. You can pull this update immediatelly by manually check the update, if you do not want to wait untill it be pushed to your box.
What if you have an older version of Rokuplayer ? No need to worry, because Director of Product Management Tom Markworth telling owners to “stay tuned” for information about feature updates coming as well to their way.

Watch Live TV Shows On Your iPad

April 19, 2012 – 10:10

There’re lots of fun you can get with your new iPad. This tablet is really awesome for both business and pleasure. When it comes to entertainment, iPad offers new experience with amazing graphic on its large display. There are many games to play and not to mention the native Youtube app allowing us to stream video online. It would be much better if we can use our iPad to watch our favorite TV shows.
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How To Defrag Your Pc Easily

April 18, 2012 – 21:49

Defragmentation is the process which allows the person to reduce the disintegration of the data files on the user’s pc hard drive generate, a computer systems performance can be severely hampered if the hard drive generate connected to your pc gets fragmented. The person defragments their pc in order to reorganize their data files in sequences so that the pc runs quicker. As all data files gets organized and placed in series and even data files which acquires small places get saved in one place which allows the person to use more area.
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