Blackberry 10 Jam

April 12, 2012 – 16:54

Bukannya mo bahas tentang acara dengan tema tersebut.

Tetapi lebih ke ‘arti’ dari judul tersebut. Oke coba pembaca sekalian artikan judul tersebut ? Apa yang pertama kali terbersit di pikiran pembaca semua ?

Oke kalau saya sendiri mengartikan judul tersebut sebagai berikut : “Bersama BlackBerry (entah coding atau sekedar ngobrol dengan orang RIM) selama 10 jam” …
Mungkin lebih karena saya sendiri adalah orang Indonesia aseli, jadi ya mengartikannya sebagai bahasa aseli saya.

Padahal sebenarnya itu adalah judul acara RIM yang berlangsung di Orlando, Florida, USA. Jadi kalo dibaca secara bahasa Inggris (US) akan terbaca “Blackberry Ten Jam” … artinya ya kurang lebih “Nongkrong Bareng Blackberry Sepuluh” …

Jadi apa yang anda artikan … silakan comment dibawah :)

Mandala Airlines back on track … flight business

April 11, 2012 – 22:01

Just got an email from Mandala Airlines, that state it go to operational again …. yaayyy :D for you who fans to Mandala Airlines like myself … *grin*

Yes .. it backs … after some pause operation announcement a while ago …. (sorry forgot exactly when).

According to their announcement, they will start first-time (again) flight at May 4th, 2012.

Do you got an email too ? or happy with this announcement ? drop few words here :)

Public Technological innovation, Email Harvesting

April 10, 2012 – 17:15

Public technological innovation is generally recognized to mean the art of adjusting people into doing activities or divulging private details. While it is similar to a assurance technique or simple scams, the phrase generally relates to chicanery or lies for the objective of details collecting, scams, or pc access; in most cases the enemy never comes face-to-face with the sufferers.

I am going to discuss a look at used by spammers to collect for genuine e-mail from your get in touch with record. There are a lot of ways used to collect messages, but the one I am concentrating on is “Email forwarding”
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Game tips: Quick Perform Upholds Comfort In Online Casinos

April 9, 2012 – 10:56

Due to widespread cybercrimes, comfort has become one of the most key that gamer consider in choosing internet on line internet gambling house houses. The degree of significance made towards defending your private details or actions also decides and impacts the gamblers decision when it comes to using no-download on line internet gambling house houses. Given that quick perform will depend on web surfers, the greatest question that it has to response is whether it has the features of keeping delicate details and actions private. How do no-download on line internet gambling house houses react to this challenge? What safety actions do they offer to entice more players?
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What a Computer Disposal Service Can Do for You

April 8, 2012 – 17:05

The need to keep up with modifying times and increasing demand often forces organizations to buy new computer techniques. Changing fast technology means that computer techniques are outdated within a year of purchase. They are then eventually left struggling with the question of what they should do with the old techniques. Throwing them in the dispose of is suspended in some places, and it’s a bad idea even in the places where you are allowed to throw them away. Luckily, pc convenience services are available to help you with this increasing issue.
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