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Game review: iFighter 1945

April 29, 2012 – 20:15

iFighter 1945For you who love plane action game, this one is game you have to try.

It’s free game, but there’s in-app purchase for special-plane-type that has maximum speed, maximum defend, and strong weapon built-in. I tried in iOS device, but looks like Android has one too.

The background story of this game is World War II … errr anyway whatever, you just need to shoot everything passed by … emm did i say everything … yes i did … yes you can shoot anything moving … or shooting … or nothing move at all … just shoot for fun i think :D

Consist of 8 challenging levels, and 3 mode (easy, normal, hard), you must survive in all 8 levels to finish the game. Ouwh and if you can finish all 8 levels in Hard mode, you got one special plane too as reward.

Anyway, you can purchase one special-plane for $0.99 … umm and i did it too … after frustrating with level 6, i decided to give a try to special plane :D

After that i can beat the bosses … except level 8 boss that keeping me for retrying to finish in Hard mode.

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