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Watch Live TV Shows On Your iPad

April 19, 2012 – 10:10

There’re lots of fun you can get with your new iPad. This tablet is really awesome for both business and pleasure. When it comes to entertainment, iPad offers new experience with amazing graphic on its large display. There are many games to play and not to mention the native Youtube app allowing us to stream video online. It would be much better if we can use our iPad to watch our favorite TV shows.

Off course we can buy TV shows from iTunes but it would be much better if we can watch cable TV shows live at our iPad. Hauppauge really knows what you want and it granted your wish with the latest Hauppauge Broadway, HD TV tuner and streaming device. Broadway HD TV tuner is the best solution to watch live TV shows and stream to iPad without any hassle. It is like you have your own cable TV service at your iPad. Broadway is also compatible with most mobile devices from various platforms.

Broadway advanced technology allows you to watch live TV shows on iPad through Wi-Fi as well as through internet connection while you’re not at home. Thanks to the state of the art streaming TV technology designed for mobile entertainment, Broadway automatically converts TV shows to video format compatible with your mobile device and allows you to watch it on HD quality.

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