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The Smurf’s Village Cheat to Speed Level-Up

June 4, 2012 – 13:41

Kaboom … there’s no cheat actually.

What i can give to you is tips to speed up your leveling progress.

But it need you to have much spare time, yeah because nothing come as a free lunch, isn’t it, you want to speed up leveling, you need more time on gaming, that’s it.

Ok, directly to the tips here :

You can plant Blackcurrant that has 40 minutes time window. Yes it give the most XP among another plants.

Beware not to mistaken with planting Blackberry that just need 30 minutes time window, but more less XP compare to Blackcurrant

See the picture below for details info what i mean …..

Smurf cheat blackcurrants plant seed

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