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Kinect SDK 1.5 for Windows will be available in end of May 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

After released the v1.0 back in February 2012, now Microsoft announce that they will release SDK v1.5 in end of May. This SDK will have new features including Kinect Studio. Developers will be able to record, playback, and debug the applications, they develop. And also additian of another features like 10-joint ...

Game tips: Battle Nations

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Have you play Battle Nations from Z2Live ? If you play this game, i have tips, that i just discovered now. This one will make Experience, and Gold you earn from Goods Production is way more than average. Here now the tips : in Goods producer source, if you want to make something, ...

[My New Gadget] Nintendo Wii

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Oke here it's my Wii :) Oke udah agak lama seh dapet nya ... :D dapet second pula ... yaa untuk menekan harga second gpp kan ... emm sekalian sama nyisain anggaran buat Wii Remote kedua :D Kenapa Wii ? Hmm pertama ... karena Wii raja pasaran game console saat ini ... Kedua ...

33% XBox 360 yang ada mengalami kerusakan ??

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Hmm ... baca di RSS Feed Engadget berita tanggal 4 Juli 2007 ... menyatakan banyak XBox yang telah ada di pasaran, mengalami kerusakan yang hampir sama ... sampai2 Micromart (spesialis perbaikan XBox 360) menyatakan kejadian tersebut sebagai "endemic" .... Well terlepas dari itu semua ... sepertinya Wii, keluaran Nintendo, masih memimpin ...